How to say goodbye to a fuck buddy

The funny thing about friendships is they’re great when you’re starting out. It’s great to feel really comfortable about somebody. It’s great to feel really good when you’re in somebody’s company. It seems that the world opens up to you. You view everything that you do together, as well as the world around you, with a renewed sense of possibility. After all, our friends help make life much better. Whatever issue you’re dealing with if you have a friend, you would be able to take on the challenges much better. You feel somebody has your back. You feel that somebody is comforting you. It’s easy to get all excited about this element and dimension of friendship.

The problem is we tend to make things harder on ourselves when it comes to our intimate relationships. Take the case of a fuck buddy. Ever since the reality TV shows in the United States became big, the concept of fuck buddy has come up many times. In fact, this idea of friends with benefits is all the rage now. There are lots of people who are friends first, but they do have sex from time to time, just look at all the members @ . This can cause all sorts of emotional issues because let’s face it: as much as we’d like to believe that we’re all emotionally mature we still have a tough time separating our physical lives from our emotional lives.

This is where the problem begins. The moment you throw in some sort of physical intimacy to what otherwise would have been a platonic relationship, you are playing with fire. This is why a lot of fuck buddy arrangements end up badly. The worst part is that this person was first and foremost a buddy. You really liked being around this person. You loved this person as a friend, and then you pissed all that down the toilet because you decided to put in a lot of physical elements into your friendship.

In the beginning it may seem like it’s mutual, but at the end since you started off as friends first it becomes awkward. All of a sudden it becomes really weird and you’re no longer comfortable with each other. Let me tell you one thing: if you no longer feel that same level of comfort that you did when there was no physical element to your friendship then you no longer have a friendship. That’s a very serious danger that you run when you engage in a fuck buddy relationship. You might want to think twice.